Open Position for Country Director of Community of Biotechnology (COB)

Roles & Responsibilities of Country Director:

  • Lead the development and execution of high quality country strategic plans relevant to the local context and reflecting the global priorities for COB.
  • Oversee the recruitment, orientation and performance of the new staff and development of staff , maintaining a healthy relationship with the members of COB.
  • Oversee the sponsorship services and its integration with the programs of COB.
  • Lead and take all appropriate actions wisely to lead all the works associated with COB in that particular country.
  • Managing strong relationships with all Country Directors and coming up with a discussed decision to make the best possible action execution for COB.
  • Setting of job descriptions and requests for new staff of COB for the particular country.
  • Will try to engage with Country’s Biotechnology assets related to COB.
  • Will give updates about the current position of the country’s team once a month.
  • Sharing Contents of COB in Social Media.


  • Student from Undergrad/ Master’s from University/ College.
  • Strong leadership skills in such areas as: fostering teamwork; developing and motivating others; managing change; conflict resolution; initiative and flexibility.
  • Strong negotiating capability to help resolving conflicts and to result in great success for COB.
  • Good Networking capability to engage recruits and sponsors from the country.
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Knowledge of Life-Science.

N.B: The Community of Biotechnology is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of biotechnology worldwide. As a result, all of the tasks and roles assigned to you are completely VOLUNTARY.

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