Genetically Modified Babies and Issues

Babies are adored by everyone. Their innocence and their charm attracts us more. For the past years, there has been some practise for creating babies in the lab. The genes are modified or edited for producing a specific trait to that baby. It might be either removed or inserted into the baby. Even though it might be a great scientific achievement, it is not ethically encouraged. Due to this, genetically modified babies are called ‘designer babies’ as there are genetic changes to the babies, stating a challenge to God’s creation. Also, there is a fear that changes or modifications that have been done to the babies might impact the future generations. 

The first genetically babies are twins and they are named Lulu and Nana. A researcher named Dr. Jiankui He from Southern University of Science and Technology used the CRISPR/ Cas gene editing system to make those babies. CRISPR/Cas is used to disrupt the CCR5 gene and by doing so, HIV virus intervenes during the viral protective phase. Dr. He’s intention was to create embryos which are resistant against HIV. By editing CCR5 gene sequence, it is possible to bring the characteristics of  HIV free human species. Dr. He was successful in this experiment and became the first scientist to modify human genes but there are many issues regarding it.

Firstly, genetic modification’s transparency during the trial. Dr. He’s university was not aware of this study and stated that Dr. He was on unpaid leave. Some sources even claimed that he was fired from the university. Secondly, there were many ethical concerns regarding it. It is stated that countless embryos were killed for producing only 2 babies, possessing threat to other unborn life. Thirdly, GM babies also might impact heredity and the environment as well. Although it is used for creating babies who are free from diseases, there is a fear that they might bring other contagious genetical diseases, putting the human race at stake.

According to me, genetic modification techniques can be used to cure someone or to invent something which can be beneficial for mankind. Although creating babies through the CRISPR/Cas method is a wonderful idea, it is not encouraged for any purpose. There is a fear that might disrupt the environment and also, creating the scope of human species wiping out. The plus side of creating GM babies is that babies can be disease free. So, do you support GM babies?


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Tahmeed Mahmud

Deputy Director, International Relations

Tahmeed Mahmud is an undergraduate student of Biotechnology from BRAC University. Currently, he is assigned as “Deputy Director” of the Department of International Relations at the Community of Biotechnology. In addition, he was also assigned as “Campus Ambassador” at British Educare. In Mr. Mahmud’s academic co-curricular records, he is currently working as the “photographer” of BRACU Express which is a university monthly publication and he is also the “General Member'' of both BRAC University Arts and Photography Society and BRAC University Natural Sciences Club. Mr. Mahmud has hosted for the event “International Biotech Symposium”, arranged by the Community of Biotechnology and “Genesis Summer 2021” which is an orientation programme arranged by BRAC University Natural Sciences club.


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    Mahiat Shahreen

    05 Sep 2021

    It was good.. So Informatic and interesting. Good job❤️. Keep going on.

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    Jesica Rahman

    06 Sep 2021

    Excellent writing and simple way of describing a complex issue. Looking forward for more topics in future.

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