Our Collaborators

Over the years the Community of Biotechnology has had the opportunity to collaborate with several esteemed organizations from around the globe. You can also become our partner and together we can catalyze the progress of our mutual visions to take flight.



X-Genomics is an initiative that provides support for genomics and bioinformatics to the broader research community. We aim to collaborate with genomic research projects and develop a new bioinformatics platform to advance the research and clinical diagnosis using sequencing technologies.

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Maker Mela

Asia's Biggest Maker Gathering. Maker-Mela focuses on bringing about a perspective change, it releases you from the shackles of contemporary models, this is where we explore new ways, and forms which walk hand-in-hand with the next generation, technologies, that make life easier and simpler. It’s about raw potential of experimentation.



ExomeIT is all about speed and high-quality graphics design and web development services company for a monthly and annually flat rate. We help our clients with their daily design requirements with quick turnaround time at affordable pricing.

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ABEx BioCare

ABEx Bio (Abroad-Bangladesh Exclusive BioCare) is a privately held non-profit company of Bio-Research and Health where people can get various exclusive, original and quality services/items obtained from abroad (mainly from Korea) and Bangladesh.

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ABEx Bio-Research Center

ABEx Bio-Research Center is a private non-profit research platform in Biological Sciences in Bangladesh. The main aims of the center are: 1) To conduct research as well as initiate strong national or international research collaboration with our Research Groups. 2) To train how to handle analytical instruments or softwares, and educate academic, career development, self-development and leadership development skills to research aspirants or students. 3) To assist in (i) writing of scientific report/article/project proposal, (ii) grammatical editing and preparation of of high quality figures/graphs. 4) To support research system by providing analysis facilities for experimental samples or data. In order to fulfill our aims, we shall proceed step by step depending on facilities available.



Bangladesh Society for Microbiology, Immunology, and Advanced Biotechnology (BSMIAB) is a non-profit organization. It is a global association for Bangladeshi biotechnology, microbiology, and immunology professionals. It is run by an elected Executive team every two years. Its members come from Bangladeshi who are living all around the world and are in academia, research, government, industry, and practice. Since inception in 2013, BSMIAB has tried to build bridges between researchers/academicians & stakeholders by providing information on the latest technologies in biotechnology, microbiology, and immunology sector wherever achieved around the World’s and brought forward the updated knowledge at the doorstep of Bangladeshi scientists.



MECHAMIND is dedicated to the development of an open community and collaboration. Our works include engineering, biology, design, charity, economic empowerment and more. We dream to establish a Citizen Science Network as a base of an open science society in Bangladesh. We are focusing to establish a platform where STEAM based trainings will be integrated to teach specific communities, which may enable us to go from idea to product in a comparatively lower cost. We aim to enable underprivileged kids to solve real-life problems and develop skillsets for future tech-based industries.



ASAPbio (Accelerating Science and Publication in biology) is a scientist-driven nonprofit working to drive open and innovative communication in the life sciences. ASAPbio promotes the productive use of preprints for research dissemination and transparent peer review and feedback on all research outputs.



SWIFT INTEGRITY COMPUTATIONAL LAB (SICL) is a virtual platform for the young researchers in Bangladesh who are enthusiastic enough to pursue their research in Bioinformatics. Currently this platform is working with students from multiple reputed universities in Bangladesh in collaboration with advisors from abroad. The goal of this platform is to bring young skilled individuals of different segments in Bioinformatics together to build up a team which can contribute to a good number of projects.